Marvel Fans resent Netflix for calling ‘Thanos’ An “Intergalactic Sociopath”


Netflix recently added the Avengers: Infinity War. Many marvel fans were happy by this move. However, in netflix synopsis it describes Thanos character as “Intergalactic Sociopath”. This left the marvel fans quite uncomfortable.

netflix synopsis describes Thanos character as "Intergalactic Sociopath".
Thanos : Avengers

The official Netflix synopsis of Infinity War reads as follows:

“Superheroes amass to stop intergalactic sociopath Thanos from acquiring a full set of Infinity Stones and wiping out half of all life in the universe.”

A sociopath is a person that knows the difference between right and wrong. But he/she chooses to ignore those differences to get what they want. According to the fans it’s possible that Thanos’ personality could exhibit some sociopathic tendencies. Also, none of us are licensed professionals to say anything about the situation.

One fan responded on social media by asking, “how dare you?”

The fan continued by explaining Thanos’ actions in the movie. He further explained that Thanos was only trying control overpopulation in the universe.

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