McDonald Disaster : Woman Beats Up Manager For Just Not Giving Ketchup Sauce With Burger


A shocking event of the viral beating of a man by a woman happened on Wednesday in McDonald’s, California, which has surprised everyone. A woman beat out McDonald’s manager. The police said that the woman had asked for more ketchup while taking the baggage. Which they refused. This happened on October 27. 24-year-old Mayra Bernese Galo ordered food from Santa Ana’s outlet.

Police officer Anthony BartaƱa said: “Myra came to the restaurant from the back door and started killing the manager.” Myra told the police that he was quite upset by not getting ketchup. This video is very viral on social media. At the end of the video, it can be seen that a person enters the restaurant and takes the woman out.

The police have arrested the woman on Tuesday for the attack. Police officers said that these tales have become common today. This just shows how the intolerance in World’s oldest democratic society has risen up under Hall Of Hate legend and current US President Donald Trump’s regime. Truly! America is great once again! where everyone is beating, killing, abusing each other openly and law & order seems to be in a hiding.



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