Meet The Vishakapatnam “Owl” Aliens !

Via web-based networking media, many named the animals as ‘aliens’ which are actually owl and shared the video in a few gatherings.

Occupants of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been broadly flowing a video of ‘outsiders’ found in Visakhapatnam, inquiring as to whether the animals are unmistakable.

The video, which appears to have been taken in a development site, indicated two unusual looking animals, with descending confronting noses, standing upright and investigating the camera.


In any case, the ‘outsiders’ being referred to, were only safe animal dwelling place owls.

While some had brought up that they were just owls, many had scrutinized the extent of the animals and how they were standing upright.


Nehru Zoological Park Curator Shivani Dongre stated, “They are delightful animal types which are conveyed downwards from focal India. Their heart formed appearances and descending snouts are attributes of the species.

At the point when winged creatures get consideration, they have a tendency to be perceptive in conduct which is likely why the fowls look frightened. As it was a development site, the feathered creatures were on a level surface. In the event that they had a surface to hold on, we could have seen them roost,” said Shivani Dongre.




Many individuals had likewise scrutinized the absence of quills, to which specialists said that they could have been chicks, whose plumes did not become out yet.

The flying creatures may likewise have been malnourished or deprived, because of which they appeared to be thin, and not at all like an owl.


The bird that is the barn owl has known for its striking element of a heart formed a face, and is more than a foot tall.

As per the ENVIS Center on Wildlife and Protected Areas, which works with the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Govt of India, the stable owl is an ensured animal varieties under Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA),1972.

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