Mumbai police’s Savage Mode Continues : Here’s some Glimpse


Quoting one of the “greatest wizards” Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series, Mumbai Police on Friday tweeted, “Help will always be given at Mumbai to those who ask for it” .“And even to those who don’t”.


Here’s The Tweet :


Mumbai Police has been winning the social media with its 140-character wordplay using puns, hashtags and even memes. Addressing issues such as cyber stalking, traffic safety and anti-drugs campaign with a dose of humour.  In another such instance Mumbai police twitter handle amused the city and simultaneously instilled a confidence in Mumbaikar’s by sending a message that ‘help’ would be provided to all.

The post soon saw many users sending their grievances across which were promptly acknowledged and responded to.


In another such instance, it quoted the movie, “Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice”, which was released last year, to drive a subtle yet profound message to the audience.

Here’s Another One :

The quirky sense of humour comes from a number of young Indians hired specially for the job. Described by the Times of India as  “youngsters in jeans and T-shirts,” the group has taken over the responsibility of handling the police department’s social media accounts, leaving uniformed policemen and women to focus on their core responsibilities and helping the forces connect with India’s tech-savvy (and pop culture-obsessed) youth population.




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