Observers Watch With Sickening Apprehension As Drones Performing Light Show In China Collide


A video has been doing the rounds via web-based networking media that indicates many drones, playing out a light show, colliding with the ground as a large number of observers viewed with dismay. As revealed by Mirror, the drones were a piece of a light show in South China’s Haikou city and had a place with a Chinese drone producer – High Great.

There were in excess of 300 drones in the night sky making designs. Be that as it may, they before long began colliding with the ground where a large number of observers had assembled to observe the show.

The light show had scarcely begun when the drones began breaking down.

The drones should make words and pictures in the sky yet rather, they crash landed onto trees and the ground.

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Wonderfully, nobody was harmed in the occurrence regardless of one of the automatons arrival just adjacent to one of the people who shot the light show. As indicated by professionals, ‘electromagnetic glitch’ was the purpose for the breakdown.

After the drones failed, a reinforcement group was dispatched and the show started two hours after the booked time. The reinforcement rambles worked with no inconvenience.


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