See What Pakistan’s First Sikh Police Officer Gulab Singh Said About His Community’s Status

Gulab Singh

Gulab Singh, Pakistan’s first-since forever Sikh officer who was mauled and expelled from his home in Lahore, has affirmed step-nurturing treatment towards the Sikh people group individuals living in the Islamic nation.

Addressing ANI, Gulab Singh asserted that ”Pakistan needs to dispose of the Sikhs from the nation.”

Portraying his difficulty, Singh stated, ”I was irritated, beaten and my confidence was slighted.”

Gulab Singh, the Pakistani policeman who was persuasively removed from his home in Lahore, said that his home was fixed with all assets including his shoes.

”Indeed, even this ‘patka’ on my head is an old cloth which I simply wrapped,” Singh said.

Singh, be that as it may, expressed gratitude toward each one of the individuals who upheld his motivation and raised the issue of claimed abuse being dispensed to individuals like him in Pakistan.

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”Indeed, even in 1947, we Sikhs did not leave Pakistan but rather now we are being compelled to do as such,” Gulab Singh said.

Gulab Singh had stood out as truly newsworthy on Tuesday by asserting that he had been strongly expelled from his home in Lahore and his turban unfastened by nearby policemen.

“This is the manner by which Sikhs are being dealt with in Pakistan. I am being focused on. I was hauled out of my own home in Dera Chahal, my turban was opened,” he charged.

A video of Singh begging neighbourhood Pakistani police authorities to give him some an opportunity to move out of his living arrangement additionally circulated around the web.

“In any event allow us ten minutes, we are remaining here since 1947,” Singh can be heard saying in the viral video.

He likewise asserted that he was given no notice or purpose behind the ousting.

Pakistan has a grim record of giving a stage nurturing treatment to the individuals from the minorities living in the area. There have various reports in the past about nation’s almighty mystery benefit – ISI – focusing on the Sikh young people and compelling them to do fear based oppressor exercises in India.



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