Sex racket in Bengaluru’s Indranagar pub busted,32 women rescued


Police raided a pub on 80-ft-road in Indranagar , a locality that has a number of popular pubs,nightclubs and restaurants.

On Saturday night at 10 pm,The Jeevan Bhima Nagar police raided a pub in Bengaluru’s Indranagar rescuing 32 women,who had are victims of human trafficking and were being forced to perform obscene acts and dance for customers.

Police got a tip off the Mango Tree Pub,located on the 80 ft road,was being used like a dance bar and illegal activities were being practiced.

Women forced to entertain customers

Police laid a decoy and on Saturday  when they raided the place found 32 girls and about 60 customers present at the scene.The customers all ran away the while the raid was going on.

Speaking to the TNM,a senior police officer on condition anonymity told TNM that the women were allegedly being forced to do sex work by the pub’s management.

Trafficked on the pretext of getting jobs

Reports say that the accused trafficked the women from the north eastern states on the pretext of offering them jobs.Once they come to the city,these alleged employment agents then handover the girls to the bar owners.Generally, the traffickers make the girl sign agreements before they are recruited.

On questioning,the girls revealed that they were brought their every Friday and Saturday and made to dance for customers.Most of the girls belong to West Bengal.

The reports also suspect that there was a sex trade racket being run in the pub.Arrangements are made to track down the families of the young ladies so that they can be send back home.

The women are currently being lodged at the State Home for Women and the accused have been remanded to 14-day judicial custody.

An investigating officer told TNM that the son of an influential politician was allegedly attempting to interfere with the investigation.

The MLA’s son made calls to top police officials and asked them to hold off the raid on Mango Tree.The politicians’ son had told the officers that the owner of the pub is his friend and that police officials must not take any actions or arrests in the case.

The officials however did not pay any heed to any of this and went ahead with making the arrests.Police say that they have a solid case with girls statements and CCTV footage and hence would not like to unnecessarily name anyone as the owner and are counting with their investigation.




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