Simmba Review: Another Shetty Action Drama or Rape Revenge Drama?

Simmba Shetty action drama
‘Simmba’, starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan and directed by Rohit Shetty.

Another Rohit Shetty action drama, Simmba, hits the theaters this Friday. Like any other Rohit Shetty movie, Simmba is full of bloodthirsty cops, somersaulting cars, Maratha machismo and a textbook villain. 

This can be Shetty’s best work as long as Singh’s silly jokes in Hindi, Marathi and broken English entertain us. However, the actual story about a bad cop who starts avenging rapes, isn’t interesting or original.

One can always welcome the typical Bollywood masala from Simmba. But after an hour or so, the movie becomes a completely different film, one it always wanted to be: a rape revenge drama. Singh who is a corrupt cop reforms himself after the goons rape and murder his sworn sister.

According to Wire: “There are plenty of scenes that point towards the fact that Shetty just doesn’t get it. That he sees rape as another formulaic plot-point. Simmba says that the girl was her “sister”. As if a woman has to be something with respect to a man to command respect.”

“Shetty plays at balance, giving decisive roles to female characters — judge, mother, policewomen — in a film that claims to be about rape, but this film is still all musk.”- as stated by Hindustan Times.

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