Sunil Chetri’s heartfelt plea, did wonders.

Sunil Chetri's video request to the fans

India has such a huge population, that anyone might believe in the façade that we have people who support all forms of sports here. Although, this is certainly not the case and it became pretty evident on Saturday. Indian football team’s captain Sunil Chetri took to his Instagram account on Saturday to share a video message to all the football fans out there. The video not only garnered a lot of attention from his fans but other sportsmen and associations as well.

On Saturday, the football star uploaded a video of him urging the fans to show some support to the Indian football team by attending the matches which are going to be held in Mumbai on different days. Chetri, himself admitted that the quality of the game exhibited by the players isn’t very good and cannot be compared with other teams of the European league, however, he felt that the fans or even the haters should at least come to the stadium. He further added that the fans even if they wanted to show their disappointment in the team should come to the stadium, even for the sake of abusing them.

Chetri’s viral video message came a day after India’s amazing win against Chinese Taipei, India defeated them with a great score of 5-0. Sunil Chetri, performed really well and scored a hat-trick, however, reports from the media, later on, revealed that the turn out for that match was nearly 2500. Mere 2500 people in the audience were the only ones who witnessed this historic win before their eyes. Due to this bad turnout in the first match itself, it was believed that the number of spectators would keep on declining eventually.

After effects of Sunil Chetri’s video

The video received a lot of support and attention not only from the fans but also other sportsmen like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. Kohli shared a small message requesting people to support all the sports that they love. On the other hand, Sachin Tendulkar, also went ahead to share a video, in which he was seen earnestly encouraging all the people to support sports and the sportsmen.

After Sunil Chetri’s heartfelt plea on the social websites, all the tickets to India’s football match with Kenya were sold out in a couple of hours. The match which will take place on 4th of June in the Mumbai football arena and has a seating capacity of 10-15,000 spectators. Sunil Chetri, today will be making his 100th international appearance for India and the fans think this was the best appreciation gift for him.

A Change for Good

As a really ardent cricket fan, today I feel that; we as a nation have failed to encourage all the sports. We are a huge nation and the fact that we are almost tilted towards only one or two forms of sports is very sad. Often we fail to realize that our bias against one sport doesn’t only affect the growth of that particular sport but also the growth of the hardworking sportsmen, who work day and night to win laurels for our nation. Even when it comes to football, we have a huge population who breathes football, however, they actually are not involved much when it comes to domestic football matches. I do not completely blame them, the poor performance by the athletes and a very amazing professional performance by other nations in the same sport does play a very crucial role in the promotion and popularity.  But with the changing times, I think we need to come forward and show our support to as many sports as we can, especially when they are performing really terrific.  Let’s come forth and show all the sportsmen who work very hard and represent us that they are not alone anymore.

Sunil Chetri's heartfelt plea, did wonders.
Article Name
Sunil Chetri's heartfelt plea, did wonders.
Indian football team's captain, took to his Instagram account to post a heartfelt plea requesting people to attend the match.


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