This Might Be Android P’s Official Name !

Android P

Google presented its up and coming cell phone working framework Android P at its I/O engineer gathering back in May. While the organization exhibited a scope of its highlights, it didn’t reveal any insight into what it will call it. Google is touted to do that in August, which is the point at which it is relied upon to reveal the last form of the working framework. Be that as it may, we won’t need to sit tight that ache for it. It would appear that the market name of Android P has quite recently been uncovered, in light of an ongoing Huawei client mind benefit bumble.

As per a report distributed by the Polish site Tabletowo, Google could in all likelihood be intending to call its new working framework Android Pistachio. The site expresses that the data had been uncovered to a client erroneously by Huawei’s client mind bolster when he reached them to see whether his Huawei P9 Lite cell phone was getting an Android 8.0 Oreo refresh.

The client got a reaction which contained every one of the updates that the cell phone will get this year. Here, the Android P refresh was said by Huawei as Android Pistachio.


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It’s likewise not the first occasion when that Android P has been proposed to be called Android Pistachio. Past reports from Bloomberg and The Verge have both proposed the name too. Bloomberg’s report asserted the working framework to be inside called Android Pistachio Ice Cream. The Ice Cream may have been added to keep the custom of naming the working framework after a pastry. In any case, with the new report surfacing, it would appear that Google will drop the Ice Cream from its name.


Regardless of what it’ll be called, we realize that Android P will accompany some intriguing updates. With the new OS, Google is supplanting its three-catch route with a motion interface. There are likewise new upgrades presented for Google Maps and Google Lens. Google Assistant is likewise said to get six new voices and some key highlights.



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