This Model’s Picture Has Puzzled The Neitzens


Many types of photos on the Internet force people to think. Such a picture is puzzling to the people at this time. This photo belongs to a model of Russia. Actually, the model has posted on one of her mirror selfie on Instagram in which she is looking at the mirror without feet.

The name of the model is Natalia Vodianova. Hundreds of people are commenting on this photo of Natalia. Some people have written that this is an amazing example of Photoshop. Some people wrote. It is amazing, there is a touch of wood instead of real human feet.

Furthermore, some people say..the whole girl is here except her feet! Looking at this picture, it seems that behind the girl there is a black colour sofa that can be seen in place of the feet. Apart from this, wooden furniture is also visible. In such a post, all are doing the same thing that everything is visible but where is the girl’s feet?

Miss Natalia Vodianova has all the answers to the buzzing questions of neitzens who just one answer – “Where the hell is her feet?” Social media is the place which leads to you the viral world of amazing yet puzzling videos, memes, photos, status and comments.




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