To Look Beautiful Girl Astle Did Something Like This With Hair Only To Get Her Head Size Doubled


The 19-year-old Paris girl bought dye from a local supermarket to apply it to on her hair. According to the steps given on the dye packet, the girl named Astle mixed the dye and put it on the head. Within a short spell of dyeing,  stomach started to become difficult for breathing and it started getting itching in her head.

The next morning when Astle saw her head, it was not as usual but had doubled. On measuring, it was found that the head of Astil has been increased to 63 cm. Not only the head but the shape of the tongue of Astil also increased.

She ran to the doctor, got injections. Going there, she came to know that this reaction was due to PPD chemicals present in the dye. A chemical named PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) in the dye is usually found in other beauty products too.

At the same time, the biggest mistake by Astle was that she did not follow the instructions given in the patch test. It was written that after 48 hours of the patch testing the dye, check at 48 hours if you do not have any reaction. But Astle tested that dye for 30 minutes only and put it on the hair which caused her this horrific reaction. Thanks to her fortune there is a long-term cure for this reaction.






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