Tragic Dussehra Train Accident Of Amritsar : Everything To Know


No less than 60 people observing Dussehra were killed after a train kept running more than hundreds remaining on a railroad track in Amritsar. As Ravan’s model – found near the tracks at Jaura Phatak – was lit and firecrackers went off, an area of the group withdrew towards the tracks, where a huge crowd of people was already there to watch the celebrations.

The general population who were there hit couldn’t see or hear the train because of the exploding firecrackers. A furious group yelled slogans against neighbourhood lawmaker Navjot Kaur Sidhu, who was available as main guest visitor amid the occasion. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has ordered an investigation into the mischance.

The mischance occurred at Dhobi Ghat close Jaura Phatak at 6:45 pm. The train was venturing out from Jalandhar to Amritsar.


“There are in excess of 50 losses. We are emptying individuals, harmed taken to the hospitals”, said SS Shrivastava, Commissioner of Police, Amritsar.

Witnesses said the dead included youngsters. There were supposedly around 300 individuals at the mishap spot, as per news organization IANS. Somewhere around 72 people have been injured.

An onlooker said no alert was raised when the train was drawing nearer and faulted the administration. “The administration and the Dussehra board of trustees are to blame… they ought to have ensured that the train ends or backs off,” the onlooker told ANI.

“A few times we have been asking for the specialists and neighbourhood leaders instructing them to disagree with railroad authorities to slow down the trains close to this Phatak amid Dussehra, yet nobody has tuned in,” a nearby said.

Navjot Kaur Sidhu said she became more acquainted with in regards to the occurrence in the wake of coming home. “I returned home in the wake of consuming the Ravan and afterward I became more acquainted with that there was tumult and a train came at full speed. I called the magistrate and I asked him whether I should return, he said no there’s an excess of mayhem here,” she told ANI from the clinic where the injured are being dealt with.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said he is hurrying to Amritsar to by and by regulate alleviation and safeguard endeavors. He has asked all public and private doctor’s facilities to remain open. “My administration will give Rs. 5 lakh to kinfolk of each expired and free treatment to injured in government and private hospitals. Emergency teams have been prepared on war level,” he tweeted.

PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh have additionally guaranteed all conceivable help.

Railroad Minister Piyush Goyal said the Railways is directing quick alleviation and safeguard activities. Mr Goyal, who is in the US, likewise said he is coming back to India.

A Northern Railways official said the investigation was being scorched under 100 meters from the railroad tracks. “Ravan model was being singed 70-80 m from the door, when the likeness fell, individuals present there kept running towards the railroad track, at the time a prepare was passing and level intersection there was closed,” the authority said.


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