Trending festivals in October for Diwali- Pick your favourite


The Indian calendar is packed with many events and October is a special month as it is filled with lights, music, and dance. These celebrations display Indian culture at its best. October is a very exuberant time in India. This season is filled with both religious and social marked by fun enthusiasm and celebrations.

The main attraction of the month is the festival full of lights that is Diwali. It marks the return of the king Ram to the kingdom after 14 years exile. The festival for Rama is marked by candles and diyas and fireworks all across the country. It honors the victory of good over evil and brightness over darkness. The rituals differ in every state but bursting firecrackers is a popular thing. This festival of lights is celebrated by the Hindus and Jains all across the world and the day is a national holiday in many countries such as the India, Singapore, Nepal, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Surinam, Malaysia, Tobago, and Fiji.

It is a five days long celebration marked as follows:


Dhanteras:                                                 17th October 2017
Naraka Chaturdashi (Chhoti Diwali):              18th October 2017
Lakshmi Puja (Main Diwali):                           19th October 2017
Bali Pratipada or Govardhan Puja:                  20th October 2017
Yama Dwitiya or Bhaiduj:                              21st October 2017



Diwali Melas in Delhi which is a must to attend. Here are the three biggest and famous Diwali Mela of the country:


  1. Sunder Nagar Diwali Mela


Sunder Nagar Diwali Mela has been organized since last 50 years and is one of the most famous and favorite melas. The culture over there is a must experience. It has activities for kids and elders, has magic shows, fun-filled competitions, never-ending shopping zones and mouth-watering food.


Where:           sunder park, Delhi

Entry fee:       INR 100

 When:            14th October to 16th October 2017


  1. Select Citywalk Diwali Mela, Delhi 

Blind School Diwali Mela is run by Blind Relief Association. It is best known for beautifully made diyas, lights, candles and other decorative items. The food over there is impossible to resist and the place is a completely lavish and colorful affair. Diwali shopping is the best option over there.


Where: Blind School Relief Association, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg

Entry: Free

When: 10th October – 16th October 2017

  1. Diwali Mela at Dilli Haat, Delhi 

Delhi Hatt is known for best of the cultures and traditions of the entire country. It is full of folk dance performances, magic shows, puppet shows and a lot of other activities, the place is buzzing with people and activities during Diwali. Traditional foods, affordable shopping and sale on many ethnic clothes are major attractions.

Where: Dilli Haat, Pitampura, Near T.V. Tower, New Delhi
Entry: INR 20 for adults and free for kids

But what if you are not in Delhi. Don’t worry there are more to explore this Diwali as we have the list of best destinations you must visit for the grand festival.


  1. Varanasi

Diwali in Varanasi is quite different from other states. Diwali is popularly known as Dev Deepavali in Varanasi. The fact that makes it different is that this place celebrates the festival for as long as a fortnight. The place turns into a heaven for photographers, travelers and others. Not only is this, but the festival called Ganga Mahotsav is celebrated along with Dev Deepavali in order to attract more crowds.

  1. Goa

Yes! You heard it right. Goa is not only known for its popular beaches. Definitely, the place is one of the major attraction of the travelers and in Diwali, it turns out to be craziest as unique competitions are held every year. It is popular especially because of how on Narak Chaturdashi, every village burns larger-than-life sized effigies of Narakasura.

  1. Kolkata

The concept of Diwali is very different in Kolkata. While every other state worships goddess Lakshmi, Kolkata celebrates it by worshipping goddess Kali. As Goddess Kali is considered to be the one who defeated evil, Bengalis carry the same sentiments while lighting up the diyas and burning the crackers. The beautiful Kali Puja pandals all across the city along with beautiful lighting decorating in every corner of the city.

  1. Chennai

Chennai sets the example and represents how every other state celebrates Diwali and is still very different from others. The people over there worship Kubera, the divine treasurer and offers him sweets and dry fruits. The goddess of health, Dhanvantari is also worshipped. Murukku and Ganga snanam are the essential part of the festival in the city and the spirit of the festival is still about sweets, snacks, and family.




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