Visually-challenged teen uses Karate skills to pin down her molester


Last week a 15 year old visually-challenged girl pinned down her molester on the local train in Mumbai. The girl was accompanied by her father and they boarded a fast train to Kalyan from Dadar at 8.15 pm.

The accused, 24-year-old Vishal Baliram Singh, stood right behind the girl and began touching her. The girl did not panic, instead she turned around and twisted Singh’s hand so hard, he screamed. This got the attention of other passengers .

As the train reached the next station, Matunga, the girl’s father called 
the GRP officers and handed Singh over. Singh has been remanded in police custody for two days.

The girl said,“We are always easy targets for creeps like Singh. Our school teaches us self-defense and karate as part of our curriculum, so we can face the world despite our disability. I want the man to suffer, to ensure he does not repeat the act with any other ‘easy target’.”

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