Whatsapp Delete For All Feature : Here’s All You Need To Know


After the strange yet innovative announcement¬†of sharing one’s location with friends in order to be safe the most famous quick messaging platform Whatsapp has introduced “Delete for Everyone Feature” which is an allrounder one and makes the experience Whatsapp multipurpose.

Know what Whatsapp is offering you this time –

WhatsApp will now highlight an erase or review work that can be utilized to prevent humiliating and mistaken messages from coming to the expected recipient(s) that clients may send periodically. The talk application’s new element called Delete For everybody basically additionally reviews or erasure of a message subsequent to sending it.

Clients have been anxiously searching forward for this element which has been in the news for about a year now. After the arrival of the beta variant for Window Phones, the component from today is accessible for Android, iOS and Windows telephone clients.


It might be noticed that the Delete For Everyone or as it were message review will be accessible for Android and iPhone clients. The element won’t take a shot at telephones with Symbian OS as WhatsApp has effectively finished the help for Nokia Symbian OS and BlackBerry OS. The element will work just with the form of WhatsApp that will bolster the new element. Likewise the sender and beneficiary should be on a similar rendition of WhatsApp, to be specific the beta adaptations of WhatsApp numbered: v2.17.399 and v2.17.400.


This proposes the component will work best when a message is reviewed inside 7 minutes of sending it. Once the message has been erased a client will see “this message has been erased” set up of the message.


They educated its clients saying “Erasing messages for everybody enables you to erase particular messages you have sent to either a gathering or an individual talk. This is especially helpful on the off chance that you made an impression on the wrong talk or if the message you sent contains a slip-up.


The component is said to work with content, pictures, voice messages, areas, contacts and announcements. Beneficiaries will see the message ‘This message was erased’ in their talk. The message would be erased for all talk members.


Well whether this feature will prove to be a gamechanger will be proven after consumer surveys, responses on the consumer sites will come into the public domain. Only then we can state whether users will be the beneficiary of it or will end up in a loss. Waiting and Using of this feature of Whatsapp.


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