When Girlfriend Dumped Cheating Boyfriend @ Her Birthday


Saying a final farewell to a sentimental accomplice is hard. Be that as it may, a Texas lady dumped her sweetheart before the entirety of their companions for supposedly cheating on her amid a discourse on her birthday. The video of the dumping has turned into a web sensation.

In the 2 minutes and 20 seconds video, Tiana Perea declared she was saying dumping her beau Santos. Subtitled “Is this the proper action when your bf cheats on you?”, the video was posted on Twitter by Tiana on December 13.

The video demonstrates Tiana’s sweetheart remaining close by. After her companions raised a toast for her, Tiana started her discourse and expressed gratitude toward everybody for going to her gathering.

And after that came the bend. Tiana took a gander at Santos and stated: “I’d like to express gratitude toward Santos for influencing me to acknowledge I merit so much better. Since everyone here realizes you were attempting to f– k with some young lady.”

She proceeded with: “Us all have seen screen captures … you were sexting her and sending her recordings.”

Watch this video to recognize what really occurred between the two:

“In this way, in the event that you didn’t make sense of it, we’re finished and you can get the f*** out.” As a tune of ‘get out’ filled the air, Santos went out.


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