Where was Guilt filmed?

Where Did They Shoot Guilt? Filming Locations for The BBC2 Suspense Series!

For those people who like to know where their favorite shows are filmed, we like to deliver! Here is a guide to the locations featured in BBC Two’sGuilt.It all started with two brothers knocking a man over on their way home from a wedding in season 1.

For 3 seasons, guilt then followed the brothers as neighbors and relatives of the dead man began to suspect his death wasn’t as innocent as they managed to make it look. Witnessing Max and Jake’s lives fall apart as desperate attempts to hide their guilt get more wild, has been a sometimes hilariously dark ride.

Everyone they meet seems to have a hidden agenda, and they can’t trust anyone – even each other. With season 3 now available to watch on BBC2 and iPlayer, viewers are hoping for a season 4 of Guilt (opens in new tab). Read on to find out which locations acted as a backdrop to the action, in this must-see thriller.

A Dickensian remake has been making a splash at the BBC -Great Expectationsfilmed(opens in new tab)across some stunning locations that added a gothic atmosphere. For those asking where isThe Bayfilmed is (opens in new tab), we also have the answers to this. On ITV, new medical dramaMalpracticefilmed(opens in new tab)in some very interesting locations, with a hospital unit created in a disused office.

Where Was Guilt Filmed?

Guilt was filmed largely in Glasgow, specifically, Parkhouse Business Park, Clydebank shipyards, and Glasgow Caledonian University. Outside of the city, Aberfoyle and East Kilbride were used. Edinburgh also featured in some scenes, with Calton Hill and Charlotte Square being selected.

Where Did They Shoot Guilt?

outlaw King, Trust Me, The Victim, Country Rose, Succession, and Vigil. The Clydebank shipyard was formerly known as John Brown & Co, and was once one of the most significant shipyards in the world, launching more internationally important vessels than any other yard.

The Glasgow Caledonian University has also appeared on screen before, in the earlier iteration of Waterloo Road, when filming was moved to Scotland.

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Aberfoyle and East Kilbride sit outside of the city of Glasgow, with Aberfoyle just under an hour away and East Kilbride 30 minutes. Local East Kilbride residents were told to prepare themselves to hear gunshots when filming took place there, with St Leonards Street appearing in the action.

In Edinburgh, Calton Hill is a firm favorite with tourists. With panoramic views allowing Arthur s Seat, Leith, the Firth of Forth, and the Royal Mile climbing up towards the Castle to be seen clearly, there’s little wonder why it was featured in Guilt.

Charlotte Square is part of Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, located at the west end of George Street. The gardens are private, and not open for the public to visit.


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Why Was Guilt Filmed in Glasgow?

Glasgow was reportedly chosen for filming Guilt because it was cheaper to film there than in Edinburgh.

However, the choice of location appeared to upset some viewers, with one writing on Twitter “Why does @BBCScotland insist on setting dramas in Edinburgh but filming most scenes very obviously in Glasgow? Massively annoying!! (Otherwise enjoying it though!)”

Another agreed, adding “Absolutely love #Guilt but spending the whole time like ‘Glasgow’ ‘Not Leith’ ‘Oh, that’s Leith!’ ‘Glasgow’. But that aside, it’s great.”

Was Guilt Filmed in Chicago?

Guilt didn’t film in Chicago for the scenes depicting Jake moving there. Instead, Glasgow was again used and transformed to look like Chicago.

Bothwell Street in the city was adorned with an American flag and hotdog stands, to make it look like a US city. Number plates were also changed to American ones, and yellow taxis can be seen in the background.

Speaking toPressparty(opens in new tab)about filming in Scotland, Mark Bonnar said “The wonderful thing about it is Scottish people getting in touch and you can sense that feeling of pride that they have for something that is totally homegrown. And it still has that human aspect to it so it can cross borders.

It’s a universal story but something that we made in Scotland with Scottish writers and a Scottish crew. It was a bunch of Scots that made it and it showed the world what we can do. So I m overflowing with pride about that. To be a part of that is incredible.”