Google glass will empower autistic people in India.


It has been just a matter of time. Google with its drive for growing technology to impact a change has forayed into making spectacles. Or probably Google glass. It is indeed a great innovation of this century. And google never disappoints its users with its awesome technologically advanced features.

Google glass empowers autistic Indians
Mr. Sundar Pichai announcing Google Glass at a conference

Google has till now developed much with the help of artificial intelligence. It has incorporated Artificial intelligence in its apps over the period. All the time people have referred to the advancement in Technology. People have hugged this makeover and they are loving it. The virtual positioning system in google maps has added a cherry on the top. Furthermore, the smart compose feature in gmail has changed the way user used to type an e-mail.

The rise in smart watches and smart wearable devices maybe the core of the pivotal role of Google. Now that’s that. But what new could they come up with?

Google Glass introductory image

So, here it is. The way cooler Google Glass. Google glass is still under development. But a sure tiny hint of the latest eye gear is on its way with specifications. People may use google glass for their everyday routine as well as extreme stuff like skydiving. It’s hardware is extremely sleek but the in-built software is awesome.

Google Glass features

Below are the most probable features of the glass and it will surely blow your mind:

  1. It is tiny. But it is packed with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers and camera. In addition to all these, it may have gyroscope that detects head-tilts.
  2. Unlike google assistant and google home mini device, one doesn’t need to say “Ok Google”. But this time “Ok Glass” will do or just tilt your head up. Isn’t that great?
  3. One can click stills or record a video in POV mode. So, there is no more need of carrying around a camera all the time. Just say “Take a photo” and a snap is taken. Isn’t that cool? Obviously, it won’t provide you with DSLR quality but you wouldn’t miss out a moment.
  4. Be on call anywhere anytime. Just connect your glass to your smartphone. One will then be able to do a conference call and even a
    Google glass improves navigation
    Google glass helps navigate

    video conference. This indicates hands free. Now you can enjoy your favorite meal and attend call simultaneously.

  5. It’ll help the user navigate. one will just look straight and a virtual map. Augmented reality at is best. No traveler¬†needs to stop or look at their phones to navigate.

How Google Glass empowers autistic kids?

Technology is best when it brings people together

– Matt mullenweg

Children with autism find it very difficult to recognize emotions of human. Behavioral therapy helps these children understand but the process is lengthy and costly. Google glass will shorten the time for these kids to learn. And the price of the eye gear will stand at $1500. But surely there is an option of subsidy that will bring the specially-abled kids to mingle normally.

Glass will empower autistic kids

When an autistic child puts on a pair of the glasses, the system’s integrated machine learning or artificial intelligence capabilities assist the child in reading facial emotions when interacting with a person. Machine learning is a form of AI that provides computing systems with the ability to learn without having been programmed.

The software is designed to work like a game in which the glasses provide an interactive learning experience. For example, the glasses ask the children to point out someone that is happy and if they look at someone who is smiling, the system acknowledges this and rewards them with points. While the technology could provide substantial insight into Autism, there are still improvements to be made in the software such as refining the development of complex facial expression recognition.



Google glass will empower autistic people in India.
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Google glass will empower autistic people in India.
Google has made an advanced leap in the technology bringing together people with technology. The new eye gear will provide a good learning experience.
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